Mummy Looks Fab Ltd - 08/05/2009

I have had the pleasure of working with Sussex Office Services for the last year or so and I can honestly say they are the best thing to happen to my business since I started out. Liz instinctively understands what the business needs and how to help without breaking the budget. She tailors her work to suit your requirements and charges accordingly so there is no need to be frightened about hidden charges or surprises. She is able to do as much or as little as is required to help you get organised, and get specific tasks completed and signed off - a great stress reliever!
Over the course of the last year, she has helped me organise my books, manage my VAT returns, submit annual accounts and in some instances has taken over work that I was originally paying my accountant to do - at a much more competitive rate!
I receive excellent, well ordered communication and Liz can fit in around me and my family as she knows I am trying to work from home with two small children. She has helped me better understand processes that were intimidating and mysterious before she got involved, and she always manages to pass-back work if she thinks it is within my capabilities and time constraints - which in turn means she does not need to charge for it. I always feel that I am getting good value for money and being treated fairly.
Our working relationship has evolved over the year so that I have complete confidence in her abilities with my books and our business processes - there is nothing I wouldn't trust her with. I am utterly convinced if I hadn't met her when I did I would still be flailing about under a pile of receipts, and paying a huge accountancy bill each year to be able to keep on top of my legal requirements. In the current climate we would not have been able to sustain this.
In short, she has saved my business (and my sanity!) and I cannot recommend her and her business highly enough!

Sam Mackley

Managing Director

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