Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.        Why wouldn’t I just give all my paperwork to my accountant?

A.        You can of course but this can prove more expensive.   An accountant has other expertise, book-keeping is ours.


Q.        Will you work in my office?

A.        No, unfortunately this isn’t possible.

Q.        The company didn't get a payment CIS statement from the contractor ‐ what should I do?

A.        Go back to the contractor and ask for one. If the contractor refuses to give you an original statement,

please tell the CSI helpline. Remember, the contractor must give you an initial statement but is not obliged to issue duplicates.

Q.        How much will it cost?

A.        You either send or deliver your paperwork to us on a regular (monthly) basis and we will complete the necessary work.

Q.        What information will I get back from you?

A.        It depends on what you need.   We can provide you with as much information as you like.   Whatever you need we can
tailor our services to you.

Q.        Can you liaise with my accountant?

A.        Yes.   We can provide your accountant with all the necessary paperwork to produce the statutory financial accounts
and to ensure they provide you with the appropriate tax advice.   We supply this data in a format that is compatible with your accountant's systems.   Providing this information can often save you money on your accountancy fees.