Welcome to Sussex Office Services

A very warm welcome to our website and thanks for giving us the opportunity to explain our services and work philosophy:
Sussex Office Services has been in operation since 2006, when Liz gave up working for large, impersonal, international conglomerates, to concentrate on providing a more personal and friendly business service, which most of our current clients, a mixture of small businesses, sole-traders and freelance entertainers, find much more to their liking. We trust, once you join us, that you will too.
Many of our clients have tried to do their own book-keeping and admit to failing! Looking at this logically, their work, be it plumbing or singing, is their expertise, so, therefore, why would they expect to be able to keep track of their finances or complete vat returns? Just don’t expect us to entertain you or fix a blocked sink!
Our role at Sussex Office Services is to take all of your receipts (fuel, purchases, parking tickets etc.), invoices raised (money you have earned), & bank statements and turn them into a document(s) and files that can be given to your accountants at year end for them to calculate your tax liability.
No job is too small and the rates are very competitive - the saving of your time and lowering of your stress levels are worth it.
So why do you need a book-keeper?
  • To give you financial control & be able to understand how your business is performing
  • To free your time to focus on doing what you do best & therefore make more money
Sussex Office Services is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses

What's what and where
Let me explain how the 'office' is laid out.
  • Home page: yes you've got it - the welcome page
  • Services: tells you all about the book-keeping services that we offer
  • Testimonials: things that my Clients have said about me!
  • Contact: where I am and how you can reach me
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